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Across the Vedder River from the Rotary Trail, the rugged Vedder Mountain rises up to watch over the river bearing its name. Locals refer to it as Vedder Mountain, but in reality the mountain is one long ridge. The highest point on the mountain is Vedder Peak, which has an elevation of 924 metres or 3031 feet. The ridge is part of the western most edge of the Canadian Cascade Mountains. The Cascade Mountain Range extends over 1000 kilometres or 700 miles from British Columbia down through the United States to California. While Vedder mountain is not a former volcano, the range contains several volcanoes in the United States including Mount St. Helens and Mount Baker, and inactive volcanoes in B.C. including Mount Garibaldi and Mount Meagher.

A lovely trail leads from Parameter Road (off Cultus Lake Road) to Vedder Peak and from the top you can see both the Columbia and Chilliwack River Valleys. Mid-way up Vedder Mountain can be found a rail bed built by the Vedder Logging Company during the early 1930's. From this vantage point, one acquires a superb view of the village of Yarrow and the Vedder River. During the 1930’s Vedder Mountain was extensively logged and a mill was established along the eastern side of the mountain near the shores of Cultus Lake. The area was serviced with a rail line ran that ran the entire circumference of the mountain bringing the logs down to the mill.

Vedder Mountain is now covered by a second-growth rainforest. A system of old logging roads and recreational trails allows walkers and mountain bikers to explore this beautiful forest. Evidence of logging is easy to see as you walk the trails, huge stumps are now nurseries for Western Hemlock trees and numerous plants and creatures. These stumps give you a sense of the size of the immense coniferous trees that were logged on the mountain. Deer, bear, coyote, bobcat, and cougar roam the mountainside covered by Western Hemlock, Douglas-fir, Cedar, maples and alders. Vedder Mountain, shaped by the receding Fraser glacier over 10 000 years ago, is a constant presence as you walk along the trial. To imagine the thickness of the glacier look at the top of the mountain. It would have been covered by ice, and where you stand would be almost 1000 metres under the massive glacier!

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